Frequently asked questions

Q: Do you only remove wax with microsuction? Can you remove it with other methods?

A: Depending on the type of wax in your ears, we can sometimes use tools which can scoop or lift the wax out without the suction.

Q: Do I need to use ear drops before microsuction?

A: No ear drops are not always necessary. Microsuction, unlike syringing, doesn’t require treatment with drops . However if you would like to use drops we suggest Olive oil spray such as Earol

Q: I have an infection of the ear canal in both ears

A: Microsuction enables clearance of the infected debris and usually improve your hearing immediately. We can prescribe appropriate treatment privately or liaise with your NHS GP.

Q:  Is microsuction safer then syringing

A: Microsuction is carried out using an operating microscope. This enable the practitioner to see the ear canal directly and is safer.

Q: Do I need a follow up appointment?

A: Only if you are still having problems. There is no charge for a follow-up appointment within 2 weeks.

Q: Are you covered by health insurers?

A:  Please check with your insurer whether they will cover your treatment by the practitioner you are seeing, as sometimes they will cover a doctor but not a nurse.

Q: I have another question??.

A: Please contact us by e-mail or telephone